Interactive Classrooms + Digital Labs

Foster an active-learning environment that fosters creativity
Engage students by turning science learning into a process of discovery
Empower students to explore science using current tools and methods

Study Science as Scientists

Guide students to explore amazing science phenomena and let them build their understanding through inquiry and experimentation.
Students need a chance to understand the nature of science where the secrets of the natural world are discovered through experimentation instead of memorized from existing texts.
Hands-on science inquiry allows students to develop true understanding of core concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology, preparing them to engage the scientific world with curiosity, inventiveness and grit.

The Four Pillars of Owala Learning

Understand core cross-cutting scientific principles

Nurture rigorous
scientific thinking

Develop the ability
to work as a team

Learn the ethics of responsible
scientific & technological progress

Science at Owala is so fun and challenging that you forget you are learning

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